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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
You can see the real properties already built or under construction on our website. The presented Objects are only examples, having familiarized with which you can get an idea about the real estate in Prague, its locations, quality of finishing and the existing pricing policy. Construction is carried out on the whole of Prague. Objects are being reconstructed in the central districts of the city. New homes, residences, apartment complexes are being built outside the historic district.

The overall list of projects is much broader and is constantly updated.

You save time by contacting us!
We will pick up an object for you that best suits your request.
We will carry out a search, check the object, provide legal support for the transaction.
You save your time and pay only for our time.
Agree - your time is more expensive!

Apartments "PRESTIGE"

in the center, around the center or in other prestigious areas of Prague.

Convenient location, great views, elegant finish.

Single-level, multi-level.
"Не зря называют тебя золотою,
Здесь древность и готика рядом живут,
Повисли мосты над Влтавой-рекою
И старые замки взгляд в небо влекут."

Борис Афанасьев
Apartments "COMFORT"

with different remoteness from the center of Prague.

Away from the city bustle, near the parks, with excellent transport accessibility.

One-level, multi-level, with terraces and front gardens.
"Седые соборы здесь встали стеною,
Дворцам и костёлам потерян здесь счёт,
Запружены улицы шумной толпою
И жизнь многолико и шумно течет."

Борис Афанасьев
Houses "STATUS"

with different remoteness from the center of Prague.

Within the city and outside the city, from historical to modern buildings.

One-storey, multi-storey, with terraces and front gardens.
"Твои черепичные красные крыши
Ласкает вечернего солнца восход,
А я поднимаюсь всё выше и выше,
Туда, где град Пражский в величье встаёт."

Борис Афанасьев

Real Estate in Prague

One of the most attractive places to buy real estate is Prague - the capital of the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is the center of Europe, therefore buying a house in Prague - you get the opportunity to live in her heart. Czech real estate market is going through the best of times. The situation in the market is favorable for the acquisition of real estate both for own residence and for the purpose of investing. The crisis has greatly reduced the price of real estate anddemand began to grow beginning in 2014. Volumes of construction are increasing, the cost of apartments and houses is growing, the demand for rent is increasing, and favorable conditions for mortgage lending. In addition, starting this year, the purchase of housing in the Czech Republic gives the right to receive long-term multi-entry visas for the owner and his family.

Apartments in Prague

If you decide to purchase a house in Prague, you must first decide the purpose. You can buy an apartment for his own residence, your children stay constant or study time to visit during the holidays or for the purpose of investment.

Apartments for their own accommodation is better to choose based on your own preferences. Maybe you enjoy the silence or busy downtown streets with beautiful views of the ancient monuments. The only thing you need to bear in mind that the cost of apartments in the central areas tend to be more expensive than the prices of apartments in the suburbs in the sleeping areas. Residential complexes, residence common in Prague. They have a closed territory. They safely and quietly.

If you have decided to buy an apartment for children for temporary accommodation during the training, pay attention to the location relative to the educational institution, infrastructure, availability of convenient transport links.

If you have decided to buy an apartment in order to invest, you need to take into account the proximity of historical sites, easy to move around the city, the presence of cafes and restaurants. Real estate profitable to rent close to the shopping and business centers, and educational institutions.

Houses in Prague

Feature of Prague is the availability of cottage villages in the city. You can buy a house near the center and on the outskirts. Many prefer to buy a house in the vicinity of the city, there is cleaner air, chic park areas, beautiful lakes and downtown usually no more than 30 minutes by car.

Real estate investment in Prague

When you purchase both a house and an apartment, you can count on several ways to benefit: increasing the value of real estate in the long term, earning income from leasing a long-term or short-term, obtaining income from reselling a profitable apartment or house in the short term.

The cost of real estate on the outskirts of Prague is growing by an average of 2-4%, in the central area - by 8%. The income from the long-term lease can be 4-5%, while leasing a short-term lease can reach 10-14%. With short-term investments, income is usually more than 20%.

In addition, investments in ready business, commercial real estate (with subsequent leasing, for example, offices or storage facilities) or in acquiring a land plot become more popular.

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